How to install Windows 10 Technical Preview in Parallels Desktop 10?

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I have downloaded Windows 10 Technical Preview installation image, and I am curious if I can install it as a virtual machine using Parallels Desktop 10*, can I?


Yes, you can install Windows 10 Technical Preview as a virtual machine using Parallels Desktop 10, but please note that Parallels does not guarantee yet any compatibility with this Operating System at this stage of development, i.e. some Parallels Tools components may not work/install in Windows 10 Technical Preview virtual machine.

Installation Instructions

1 Before installing a virtual machine you need to sign up for Windows Insider Program and download Windows 10 Technical Preview, an early look at the future of Windows.
2 Download Windows 10 Technical Preview VM shell on your Mac with Parallels Desktop 10 installed -> double-click on the archive to unzip the virtual machine shell -> move the virtual machine shell to ~/Documents/Parallels/
3 Double-click on the Windows 10 Technical Preview VM shell.pvm file -> Parallels Desktop will ask whether you have copied or moved the virtual machine -> click Copied


NOTE: If your Mac has 4GB of RAM, Parallels Desktop prompts to decrease an amount of RAM assigned to the virtual machine:


Hit Don't Change button
4 Then the virtual machine will show you a blank Preboot eXecution Environment (PXE) screen -> Go to Actions menu and Stop the virtual machine:


Go back to Actions menu -> Configure... -> Hardware tab -> CD/DVD 1 page -> Connect to: -> Choose an image file... -> locate WindowsTechnicalPreview.iso file and choose it. 
NOTE: Make sure Connected option is checked.
6 Launch Windows 10 Technical Preview VM shell virtual machine -> Proceed with Windows installation. Select Advanced Install when prompted and choose the drive.
7 When the install is finished, create a user account and access Windows 10 Technical Preview Desktop.
8 Now you need to install Parallels Tools. Please click on Actions tab -> Install Parallels Tools...
9 If installation didn't start, in the virtual machine go to This PC and double-click on DVD Drive (D:) Parallels Tools -> proceed with Parallels Tools installation.
10 When all setups are finished, you may shutdown the virtual machine and rename it in the configuration window.

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