Will brew beer — «Gammal Björn»

Will brew beer — «Gammal Björn»

I heard and read about the new beer brewed by Moscow masters, “El Shaggy Bumblebee”. And there were already clones in him, people are trying to reflect this masterpiece in their own way. For example, "Brown Misha."

I’ll go the same way, God told me to do this - I won’t be able to try the original, not the geography to order at least somehow, but the hotstsa is very ...
But we will call him “Gammal Björn”. For Gotland I do it all the same. And I have two friends there with that name, let them be pleased.
Of the recipes for cloning that I have, I chose the most affordable one in terms of composition. So:



  • Barley Malt Chateau Pilsen— 3.0 кг (76,9%)
  • Barley Malt Chateau Pale Elь — 2.0 кг (15.4%)
  • Special Malt Chateau Coffee — 1 кг (7.7%)

Total: 6 kg of malt


  • Slavyanka (Ukraine) (5.7%) - 30 g - Putting into the boiler for 0 min. boiling
  • Slavyanka (Ukraine) (5.7%) - 10 g - Putting into the boiler after 50 minutes. after boiling
  • Hersbruker (Hersbruker) (5.7%) - 20 gr - Adding to the boiler 70 minutes after boiling
  • Zither (12.7%) -10 gr - Introduction to the fermenter (dry hopping)


Fermentis — Fermentis S-33, 11.5 g


Mashing Options:
Volume of mash water: 25 l.

Mashing start: 58 ° C

Temperature breaks when brewing beer

  • Acid 58 ° C time 20 min.
  • L 68 ° C time 120 min.
  • Meshaut. 78 ° C time 10 min.


Fill 15 liters. water (80 ° C) and rinse for 30 minutes

Wort boiling.

At the beginning of boiling, the volume of the wort is about 35 liters, at the end of cooking, ~ 30 liters.
After boiling, the wort should be cooled and selected 10% of the primer.


The main fermentation is 4-5 days. On the second day we add hops for dry hopping.
After fermentation, remove from sediment, add primer, bottle.
Fermentation lead 15 days at a temperature of 8-10 degrees.

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