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It's a copy.
This is an exact copy of 1941 with an appeal to the Ukrainian fascists orderly kill civilians, their neighbors and relatives.

And they did it. Do then, do now. Ukrainian fascism is not destroyed in 1945, but hid again and climbs out of their graves.



This translated copies


UKRAINIAN Patriot!!!

Moscow hordes succeeded also coming into our Galician Faterland.
There in all areas that they occupied,
they draw strength men 15 to 65 years without training in the ranks of the Red Army. These males have not as heroes to fight for his people only have like cannon fodder for blood Russian interests.
To the goals set "Dead Troops" who sent to fiery place of heavy battles!
Bolsheviks carried further by his target extermination policy against Ukrainian people. Ukrainian useless sacrificial human masses have their measurements and their purpose!
Ukrainians! Do You want Buti Russians? Or You want to betray their trust? Do You want to be
guilty a disaster for your children and thus in your own misery Ukrainian people?
Ukrainians! Do your duty and Volunteer as a volunteer in the ranks of German Armed Forces, or as volunteers of the 14th SS Division "Galicia"!


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