Galician mentality

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The specific worldview of Galicians categorically transferred to all aspects of public and private life

Among the main features of the regional mentality should be called a clear manifestation of the internal non-urban; subconscious distrust and fear to the city and urban civilization as a principle of life. They's "Home" - is still "in the village." Earlier in the weekend the city almost died out; Today, with the development of tourism, it is not so noticeable.

Psychotype majority people of Lviv - patriarchal and archaic world is viewed solely through the lens of kinship and clan-based categories.

Map of interior spaces is not "schizoid" (the city as a dialogue, "polyphonic metropolis"), and "paranoid" (village with strictly designated "center of the world" - "the Church").

This region plays a role in the Greek-Catholic Church, sub- protestants structure, build a special relationship with the Vatican, and has an impact on all spheres of socio-political and economic life in the region.

That was the church hierarchy are holders of labels and distributors markers "friend or foe" through the institution of preaching. In their direct instructions "happening" is formally a free vote, voters flock. Any election campaign at any level in the region, always begins with a big church donations. This is considered a self-evident norm, a more natural behavior than, say, a sponsorship for schools or hospitals.

Worldview Galicians can be expressed on the one hand, as an open distrust of urban media modalities, by its very existence decentralized outlook representative. That is why any ( "schizoid") discourse about the federation, decentralization and multi-vector polyvariance Galician intuitively perceived primarily as an attempt on the basis of the base: "from church" picture of the world.

On the other hand, such a world view is always expressed in ostentatious public uncompromising in asserting its "civilization" ( "European"). Archaic society of the village lives according to the laws of the city they invented themselves. Hard city.
As an option - the belief in their own exclusivity and elitism ( "second France", "Ukrainian Piedmont"). Substantiates such a thesis, usually showy emotionalism, masking gaps of logic chains, demagoguery, leaving unskilled in disputes on historical issues.

Tunnel thinking. The syndrome of overvalued ideas. Constant cyclic mutual induction of (among different social strata there is no gap "mental map" - as it always happens in a developed society - in principle, members of the local power elite, the middle class, intellectuals and social bottom will have roughly similar picture of the world, a similar set of mental templates and descriptions of similar tools for solving similar problems). This explains the phenomenon of the Galician unity of purpose and organization (as seen from the side).

The absolute lack of sense of humor, self-irony is possible in principle.

Preemption with enormous collective neurosis mortido, morbid attraction to death, her cult attributes (rituals of the cemetery), often bordering on, literally, with necrophilia.

The last two points are connected directly. The dead did not laugh.

A very important factor of Galician mentality: inability agree with them in a European points of view.

Those, on the key point - the service that has already provided does not cost anything. If in the contract with the Galicians you go to a compromise, expecting mutual concessions (even though it was promised directly to you) - you know, it will not. Your assignment - this is your defeat for to Galicians and more reason to tighten their own position and introduce new requirements ( "Hurray, we have which is broken, bent Muscovites and Swedes").
Do you want to negotiate (with Galician plumber, officials, businessmen) - is best the demonstrated the power of his position (including threats and blackmail), get completely necessary, and only then make a small concession in a symbolic location of the sign and future agreements. They will take you excellent partner. If you have a strong position - they do not even try to start.

The determining factor is the mentality that has its origins in the genesis of modern Lviv elites of the Soviet trade mafia: provincialism, window dressing, nepotism, lack of mutual responsibility and distinct political and administrative leaders (Wednesday eats potential leaders in their infancy).

There is quite a predatory attitude towards any attempt of business activity by: an ultimatum required compensation is several times greater than the accepted in the industry and often ahead, usually on a completely demagogic grounds ( "And what, You sorry?", "A what in you pocket have not pennies? "). In this case there is no "roof" business really is not granted. That is frightening, cash back will take three times, but to help and will not cover, and leave more extreme in the case of problems.

In this regard, geographically the closest (with the exception of Transcarpathia) to the Europe region for ease of doing business and transparency is the more "anti-European" among all Ukrainian regions, and quality. Soviet trade principles - its only distribution and the pressure of others is clearly non-competitive methods - have stayed here almost immutable form. It is always necessary to consider if you are planning an investment in the region to reverse the situation could not even such world known brands like Coca-Cola, Philip Morris or Chevron.

But it is the view of the historian - Doctor of Historical Sciences of Ukraine Dmytro Tabachnyk on the essence-zapadentsev Ukrainians. It is still seen, we understood everything and did not prevent !!!
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