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Never give up, to believe, to fight and win.

... Pray righteousness on earth, and no more worship. All lie - Priests and kings ... "We are hard pressed on every side, yet not distressed; We are perplexed, but not despairing; Persecuted, but not forsaken; Struck down, but not destroyed ..." "Let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath; For the wrath of man worketh not the righteousness of God"

With thanks to Yuri Aleksandrovich Vasilenko

and Pavel Grigorievich Byalyi, the people of the law and the Law,

without which there would be the book.

From the author

Many talk about themselves do not know, and is it worth? But the best thing about "The Big Way" tell excerpts from publications of newspapers:

KV 1998 06 27 p1 lite
KV 1998 06 27 p3 lite
"Kiev Vedomisty", June 27, 1998 Vladimir Zamanskiy
After four years of detention of the guys went into the wild

... Yesterday, the Kyiv Court of sity unleashed Korzhinsky Sergey and Yaroslav Staroselskiy convicted four years ago to 12 and 8 years of imprisonment ... Sheets have already written about this strange case, the guide for further investigation several times. The trial court found both defendants bureaucrats, lawyers claimed that they are not completely to blame. In fact there were too many uncertainties and too many shady places. Repeatedly demanded protection mechanically change the measure of restraint, the court left mechanically defendants in custody. Yesterday the judge Yuri Vasilenko, celebrated on this day the 30th anniversary of its judicial activities, delivered an unexpected decision, according to which the detention was replaced by house arrest.

KV 1998 09 18 p1 lite
"Kiev Vedomisty", September 18, 1998 Vladimir Zamanskiy

"The defendants were justified, prosecutors and investigators to preason."

Yury Vasilenko filed criminal charges at the Research Institute of the former Prosecutor of Kiev Lotyuk, head of the Prosecutor General Morozov management and senior investigator gorprokuratury Hood. In the particular decision the judge issued a ruthless verdict: in the investigation of the criminal case, prosecutors deliberately prolonged periods of detention the accused, home ransacked by investigators in the absence of witnesses ... Meanwhile, two defendants, one of which was, ironically, an employee of the police, have stayed four years in prison ...

... The most incredible judicial procedure in store by the end, when the judge read out the number of private definitions.

Vasilenko judge opened a criminal case against those who, according to his firm conviction, negligent, committed forgery and falsification — if only not to release the accused at will, just to have the impression that the murder solved and the perpetrators are punished. I quote from the judge on a recording. "In respect of the Kharkov Staroselskiy precinct police department Kiev forged materials of committing an administrative offense, which he did not commit, and on the basis of which he has been subjected to administrative detention for 15 days by the judge of the district court of Kharkiv area ща Kiev — Orlov ... to conceal illegal Korzhinsky and Staroselskiy content and detained a senior investigator I ud, abusing official position, brings a false report, date other dye. Lotyuk, as a prosecutor of Kiev, and Morozov substituent city prosecutor, ie officials in the investigation of the criminal case against Staroselskiy Korzhinsky and deliberately prolonged periods of detention the accused, despite the fact that the period of detention has expired, and they were to be released. "

According to Yury Vasilenko, illegal detention firmly established in the practice of law enforcement.

- I was guided by the law and their conscience, 'said Yuri Alexandrovich - the rest is a matter of the Supreme Court.

P.S. When the referee lets the will of two of unknown people and requires a very famous trial prosecutors and investigators, knowing full well that for this he received nothing but trouble, so we will still be a legal state ...

Why once again to talk about it?

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