Cork city Gaol

Cork city Gaol

Discover Our History

Step back in time to see what 19th and early 20th-century life was like inside prison walls.

Your home with you

You lived in your parents' old house. Everything around is familiar and familiar, everything is as you always had.


A year has passed. Good year. I learned a lot and learned a lot and gained new friends. Good friends.

Setting up a local Wi-Fi network in Sweden

Since a lot of time has passed, and now I can tell you about the episode. Funny happened.

Farö - the island that surprised

Surprised primarily steam. The construction - yes, but also the organization.

Repair of central lock MB A 170

I was recently lucky to buy Mercedes A170 CDI 2001. With him there were no problems, very low mileage and in relatively good condition.
Pick up the car, soon I realized that the central locking does not work.

Car for migrants

I decided to buy a car. Here, especially, it is difficult without it in Sweden, and Gotland. It's not that way at all, but it's hard.

People — Per. Adolf Fredrik

I met the opinion about the people in the Sweden, and in particular about the inhabitants of the Swedish capital as indifferent to everything around the world.
Is it so?

Just photo from Stockholm's center

Went on business, freed a little sooner, why not see the Center?

People — Some about the compassion

It was Friday.
Describe a case such as the ordinary. Family migrants from Ukraine, two adults and three children. Two of the children of 18 and 21 Year - such large babies. We lived in the refugee center in Solna. And the two older children are sent away separately and alone.

Modern Art Museum

That's how it is not as did we, is not? Rather than lock migrants in three fence, they arrange guided tours. The Museum of Modern Art. One floor of the island in the rocks and two underneath the ground. Strange is not it? And the architecture opposite.

Greece - Athens

So right off the plane and in Greece. Out of the airport, I looked around. Tomorrow, we are again in the way again in flight, but what day?


It is time to talk about the next stage of our travels. We are in Solna. January 26th for our taxi arrived and we boarded in advance rejoicing change.

Märsta Migrationsverket

So, we decided to break their own. Complete the full path common to all migrants. Forward!

Over the fence

In general, the attitude of Swedes to the wood is amazing. You walk like that seem to be straight, cut the corner under the rail tracks, it would seem - the game and wilderness.

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The main rule - you will never see the unfinished work. Only thoroughly polished projects can produce in life.

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