Repair of central lock MB A 170

Repair of central lock MB A 170

I was recently lucky to buy Mercedes A170 CDI 2001. With him there were no problems, very low mileage and in relatively good condition.
Pick up the car, soon I realized that the central locking does not work.

At first I assumed that perhaps one of the locks. Checked - all work. Along the way, straightened wire is overwritten in the rear right door.

The remote control is a conventional remote control with immobilizer, and after the usual service procedures (replacement of the batteries, etc.), I could not get an answer from him.
I saw that the car has received a signal from the remote control, but nothing happened.
But at the same time the central locking button is still working on the dashboard. It works when all doors are closed, even if there is no key in the ignition.

Then, he went on Ebay and I bought here a device:

Blok 2016 6

Blok 2016 0

It was in the box:
Installation instructions
2 remote control,
central control box,
and a lot of wires.

The first step is to determine the wires which are used for locking and unlocking:

 Blok 2016 1

Using a piece of wire, I saw that at the closure of the pair on the board (brown and green wires) causes the car to lock or unlock the door.
Yes, for the installation does not make sense to disassemble the torpedo, removing the radio and removing the center console is quite possible to get a hand to the button and disconnect the connector.

Blok 2016 2

To connect you need the following compounds:

  • Orange - do not use
  • White - Opener
  • Yellow - Ground
  • C orange stripe - do not use
  • White with stripe - Closing
  • Yellow with Stripe - Ground
  • Gray - a signal
  • Blue - on the turn signals
  • Blue - on the turn signals
  • + 12 v Red
  • - 12 v Black
  • Pink - by closing windows

All I did was joined White and White c band together, Yellow and Yellow c band together. Then I joined a couple of white and brown from the button pad and a pair of yellow with green from the same pad. Then, the plus and minus of the battery, since he is well located - under the feet of the passenger:
I shoved it all into the dashboard and closed it.

Sorry for the picture quality, it is a phone!
A few more photos:

Blok 2016 3

Blok 2016 5

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