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I met the opinion about the people in the Sweden, and in particular about the inhabitants of the Swedish capital as indifferent to everything around the world.
Is it so?

But by and large of people who do care about the neighbors problems? From biblical times and today it was all usually peoples. A gift of empathy and understanding - a special gift. Talent to understand the man. And it is rare, otherwise we would perceive it as something ordinary, is not it? And so - a gift!
I want to talk about these gifted, I have met people in Sweden.

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That is Per. Adolf Fredrik

I met this man the surprising me by chance, calling on the ad. He sold the laptop and my old just stop worked. Price is not high, I called and made an appointment. And met a very interesting man.
It turned out that he, a native Swede, singing in the church, as I understand, in Russian! The fact that such a song of spiritual direction exist at all I'd too heard for the first time. A man sings them and delighted with the expression and equation that they give him their execution.
He invited us to the concert, and I really want to hear all this, if the opportunity opens.
But this did not stop our acquaintance.
It turned out that in the laptop battery with problem. He bought a new before to sale notebook, and it shows six charging cycles, but I suspect that the controller, as when running on the battery while charging 80% or less just harvested. I called and reported it to Adolf.
What could I expect? I'm in a foreign country, and would have done in most cases to sell something in the Ukrainian? Everyone knows how? I watched as the time after the sale of the machine (not a small amount of the money) on the second day the seller said in Kiev - "Well, yes, I am sold ... shit. But so what? I have no money!" And it is all, and your can to strike him.
Imagine my surprise when I called back and told Adolf that he would buy me a new battery!
And he bought. What to say? Or I had lost the habit of good and of human actions? Or I'm so lucky to have good people? But here's thing. And the Swedes. Fact.
I ask anyone on the street with my clumsy English about anything and get a detailed answer. Although I see that I explain to them that the English for them sometimes is not easy.
But they did try!
And why when the question on the street in Kiev, "how to get to ...?" You hear in 80% of cases, or rude, or puzzled, "I do not know"? It is only because 80% of Kyiv residents are not very Kiev? Although away from Kiev, of course, people still have people, a fact.
So today I will say this
- Thank you, Adolf, you helped me to believe in people again.
- Thank you Sweden and the Swedes, who are the people in spite of the attempts of the media and politicians to try spoil them.
And thank God for the fact that I saw it and understood.)))

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