It is time to talk about the next stage of our travels. We are in Solna. January 26th for our taxi arrived and we boarded in advance rejoicing change.

Of course, not as usual, the taxi by the state for migrants. Who lived in the union or just in the subject, will smile. Well, not glued. Stage, funnels, and taxis.
Okay, will survive.

IMG 0161

The new place is a school designed for demolition. Under the demolition! This one! I will take off here, maybe more, but do not understand how a fully functional school for demolition! I do not understand. Of course I can not view the entire group of buildings.

IMG 0176

But the gym! I'm so designed and well-equipped room! He pulled the rope and rolled a support column. For the other — down bar ...

IMG 0211 IMG 0212

IMG 0213 IMG 0214

People are different, mainly east. It seems to be short-tempered, but amenable to taming. At the first meeting of the "who, where," explaining that with Ukraine, Russian. Revived, about the war, Putin! And is it your business? Prior to that war and that Putin? I do not care, but you and even more so. Silent. Well, sho do you think?
Before our arrival, "local" is already obzhivshiesya Syrian patsanyata practiced a kind of "Wake up." Includes the entire volume of the recording and the mullahs sleep on.

Okay! And I've got the anthem of the USSR! And the International as a reserve.
But the International was not necessary. Otsheptalo first attempt.
What else then? Nearby, about 300 meters in the direction of the Gulf of mini-zoo and a riding school.

IMG 0181 IMG 0184

It's great that the kids have to see Arab children of our neighbors rushed there sparrow flock, had only to show the photos and indicate the direction. Children ...

IMG 0190
The soil is rocky but sometimes in the most unexpected places notice entries in the rock. We see here the same Swedes dug tunnels and storm drains.

IMG 0191

This tree intercepted chains. But why it did not understand

IMG 0194

It is a stable riding school carefully.
And here is an interesting solution for constipation gate.

IMG 0170

I was constantly tormented by their gates due to seasonal changes in temperature, the gate walk to 3-5 cm And with such a solution — and may stagger.
And now the main thing for an honest Ukrainian migrants — about food.

IMG 0177 

IMG 0208

So the food in such neat plates imported from a Iran's restaurant nearby. What exactly I do not know. Very diverse, but in the Iranian style. For example, in the side plate of rice fried tomato. And under the rice dig now skewer kebab with smoke. Portions are on the good worker, lacks everything. Salads and yogurts. To offer a salad sprinkle with lemon juice or cut a half-lemon. Well, maybe they like.
Or meatballs, type of potato pancakes on the egg involved a mixture of vegetables, mixed hed no potatoes. But the taste - it seems. And to all the yogurt. Why I was sure that the yogurt is a mixture of something with berries, fruit. And I do not take this. But not here. It looks like a thick sour cream mixed with dill and onion.
And separately it should be said about our eastern neighbors. The relationship I have developed with them, though not annoying, but somewhat peculiar. I call them a flock of DIAS- th and terrorists, smiling at the same time, they are my wife "mafia". Although often hear the opinions of the Arabs or Syrians there behave rudely, with no one believing me no such problems so far. It should be quiet? Here the director calls me on Skype? I will rise to say - be quiet for two minutes, and sit quietly. Later, thank you for your attention to my request. And yet! Nothing is complicated?
Or that's not clean up after themselves.

IMG 0178

Молодежь. Мне не понравилось. Я в этом помещении делаю зарядку. Пригласил автора бардака, объяснил что мне не нравиться такой бардак и продолжил

workout. Lad said that regret, and all quickly removed.
Well, that's an example.
And so it is very boring. Here's the video of the day of birth-year-old Alex, the son of a senior local Iranians.
A short video.

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