People — Some about the compassion

People — Some about the compassion

It was Friday.
Describe a case such as the ordinary. Family migrants from Ukraine, two adults and three children. Two of the children of 18 and 21 Year - such large babies. We lived in the refugee center in Solna. And the two older children are sent away separately and alone.

The family is not disturbed - if so decided, so as it should be, the more there are orders for all - if the child is over 16 and it is not a child at all. And sho accustomed with mamma, that is their own problem.
But the children, having got somewhere almost in the woods as they described for their parents on the phone, panicked and howled. Around the forest and rocks, nowhere to go, the village rare. There is no Internet! (Yes, everything is clear, the problem) Setting Arab-Iranian, which completely fuck your matter single lads on demand. Arabic-speaking youth in general schooling, and as a rule and noisy and pushy. Even sometimes. If they sense that now is not give too tough, even impudent.
So, parents cause children here in Stockholm in Solna. How correct the decision was not for me to judge, although I believe that the act of senseless and useless. But they are comed.
The administration of the local arrival of this course immediately recognized. Mom them that even chicken, flapping start this week, and idiotic intellectual habit with all with whom perhaps discussing the process and all coordinating. So the news was stale.
And it was, as I said, on Friday. On Saturday and Sunday in the Swedish official institutions do not work. Generally, and also private possible. In addition, work on weekends under the law is necessary to pay extra and a lot. Therefore, even if someone wanted to work, then can not, laid to rest - so if you please! That is to go and seek their rights nowhere. And argue not with anyone. Weekend, all the finish.
And then the administration who came to boys and their parents explains - you can not stay here, you've got distribution in a place to sleep and be there. Do you want to apply to official bodies, so please. But on Monday. And the night is still everywhere, but not here. And what with the fact that there is a place? Not allowed. And what with the fact that your relatives? Not allowed.
And up to the police call.
This is another story. We arrived two such lovely police-woman that argue and prove that they are afraid to return to the evil Arabs that kid was just not in mine.
And they went out with the whole family on the street. Police immediately went. And that - the challenge was the fact that the migrants out of the center do not want to. Came? Mission accomplished? And let go, do not miss the same.
And now the question arose where the kid to sleep. Honestly, I prompted them to accosting the police until they left. and if you do not spend the night in the company of beautiful women at least in the warm chamber. But they did not agree.
Where else can you turn to?
The red cross. There is also off. The phone does not answer.
In church. The phone does not answer. And there's no one.
At the station to spend the night here, too, as it is not appropriate.
We searched the Internet and phoned friends. Nothing and no one
Revoke priest from Ukraine, Miroslav Kostіv.
At the bottom of a direct link to his page.
Came from out of town, I asked what was the matter and found where the kid to sleep in someone of his parishioners!
I'll tell you about all of this is only my opinion.
This family has done enough of their mistakes, but it is their right, and none of my business.
On the kindness and helpfulness of Swedes and any other foreigners, I, too, particularly not count.
To the church of any faith, I also always more than ironic.
But the man I was surprised, really.
So much so that I thought it must tell the tale.
And all that happened.

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