Your home with you

Your home with you

You lived in your parents' old house. Everything around is familiar and familiar, everything is as you always had.

A house, a courtyard, an attic on which there is an old sofa, some things in the corner, an old grandfather's suitcase or a spinning wheel in the corner. While you are small, you are very interested - this is your world, and you get to know it step by step. Then you got older. And you are already interested in something else, something that you do not have yet and what you want to achieve. New phone? New computer? Bike? In each case, this is something new. And in order to understand and preserve what we leave behind in childhood, we need to go somewhere far away from it and look back. Look what's in there. home is dear to you. So I met such a person who did not lose his childish world in himself. Martin Lundqvist. A common image of a stern northern guy. Blonde hair. Viking? Perhaps. A programmer who understands both history and literature. Wandered around the world and returned home. So he surprised me. He just carries his part of the house with him. This is an old suitcase, looking at which I recall the films about aviation of the 50s. And a cast-iron pot, which is suitable for both the stove and the museum. And a small, very elegant teapot ...
Esthete. A connoisseur of taste and conversation. Thank you, Mir, and for this meeting!

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