Farö - the island that surprised

Farö - the island that surprised

Surprised primarily steam. The construction - yes, but also the organization.

The ferry - for free. And this word come to an end.

No, I'm kind of a big boy and is not subject to a continuous delight, and I understand that if it was not profitable to hell then laid in the budget, then consider able. But the very thought what - not to snatch a penny today. and for years to come ... impressed. Along with tourists on the ferry rode a tractor with a trailer on its tractor business. And nothing, no one hovers neighborhood.


Disciplined Swedes and not-really-Swedes roll from shore to shore.

The island is small but in this case, n is the main thing, and not a "statue", natural formations on the north shore. These pictures of everything and do not want to become the same "tourist".

While there, here's a photo:

raukar langhammars 825x500px

But - a cafe and a restaurant, I found there!


Amazingly decorated, simply amazing. But see for yourself:


This is the entrance. This Statement path between the bushes, and only sign with a menu on the left indicates that awaits us.


Then just dump maschin. And surprise - a cafe where there may be a cafe? Machines then another story. Men have a lot to look at. Pay attention to the wheel in this photo. Wooden wheels!


Machinery stacked so picturesque that you do not get lost. They restrict movement corridor. Nothing so - fence, stylish? Stalkers, damn it!




And passing by a gas station and a motorcycle, we in the yard. Look


This fence and restriction on the other hand. Again wooden wheel spokes. What is this model?


So in the yard is a limousine. Behind him on the calculus inscription "Elvis" chasichno seen, telephone box and a pair of rusty refrigerators. So, imagine that their beer! And it is on sale! I would have done the label for beer - "Rusty", "Oil Stove" and that it is in this spirit. It can be ...


It is near the same age as the century, but the same here go through the streets, and quite frisky.


And here I am inside the restaurant. Scene.


And this table. Workbench - and the table is ready.


Jukebox. The first machine that I see working! And the music is the same - Elvis ...

By local standards, prices are not great, but for me 16 crowns on the day they are out of the budget. And to hell with him! I go out. And what's that? Another gas station.



And this is a bar on the street. It does not work, but I think it is not for long - earn a must!


General view of the restaurant


And at the exit bicycle again. My same age, I have almost the same 1942 year of manufacture.

Overall - a very bright day was a success. When I have money, I'll be next - be sure to visit again. And not that I drink, or nostalgi, just out of respect for those who work it has collected and designed.

And it looks like it! Photos not mine, found in the network, but will keep, I liked what he was doing.


And all the while!


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