A year has passed. Good year. I learned a lot and learned a lot and gained new friends. Good friends.

We communicate with you on a wild mixture of languages. My English is usually not enough for it, if was worth only slightly deviates from the household. But thank God, you know Russian, and that there are a Ronald and Lena.
And I found myself thinking that the first time is important to me that this man understood me correctly, and that his opinion is important to me.
Have to Learn Swedish. It is necessary, for the sake of communicating with you. Not even so - more out of respect for you.
With you have learned to appreciate and understand the earth. Much of what we did to you in the field was new to me and surprising.

 IMG 1042  IMG 1005  IMG 1062

Who would have thought that strawberries can be planted with a crowbar? But we did it, and it turned out not bad. Or that strawberries at night should covered with a fabric?

Huge field, sheltered white blanket, for me it was just amazing! No, I had to know that such technology and such a fabric is posible. And I did websites for sell this cloth. But I in the reality had seen it, I was surprised - what all great! And one person to cope with in order to conceal and reveal the field twice a day ...

IMG 1040
And how could I ever think about it? How I can do by with a hoe so many of such field from end to end? But how can it turned out, not at one time! I can be proud of it! )))

IMG 1589  IMG 1591 

The second miracle is the field itself. I have a friend, owner of tractor in the Zhytomyr region and he constantly complaining about the fact that in the land of a lot of stones, it is difficult to plow. But the field in Gotland - a separate conversation. And what would he say here - where there are no stones on the earth, and is the earth among the stones. It is true that the earth is not a "hard", without a clay. But growing all you need!
A layer of soil -. 10-15 sm. Even in dense rain tractor rides safely on the field - not to drown deeper into solid rock and rain field as a small swimming pool with a hard bottom.
And potatoes here without the Colorado beetle! It is possible, and how? It never been here? It was. But I found a secret - he is in the same land. Beetle in the winter you need to go deep 30 cm into the ground. And if from 30 to 15 years can not always? So it freezes.

IMG 0961 IMG 1030  IMG 0964 

And yet - you very quickly. Your are a runner athlete in the past, and a runner for life. Looking new startup idea you whant to implement it immediately. Sometimes it prevents hasty style, but when I think about it, I calm down and deliberately to make up for lost time.
New people - this is the Thai people, comes to help you in this area. Low women with melodious voices and tweet about something else. Sometimes with kids, sometimes with husbands in small nimble cars.
And you're always ready to help. Such an attitude to new people I have met so far only with Siberians - the desire to help immediately and recklessly. Thank you for that. I can not use yours openness, because I do not think that this is acceptable in respect of a person whom I consider a friend, but I understand it, that it is your attitude towards us was very nice. As if suddenly I met a relative. You are the really big man, Bjorn, thank you.
As I did notice civilization and the proximity of Stockholm spoils people in Sveden. People on Gotland - others. And it is noticeable, very noticeable. Not to say that they's all very open and naive, but still somehow purer and more spiritual than I am used to seeing us. They are not spoiled by the war? I have heard this opinion. But if it is true, thank God!

I understand that I can be quite useful. Any ideas. But it is still not sure whether it is necessary for you, and if you want it. But I think that things will change for the better.

We need to think about recycling of the product. Everything we do - it is an ecological products, which goes directly to the store. Fresh strawberries. Fresh cucumbers and fresh zucchini. But we have a part of the products that we throw away. Damage to the skin - and it is bad, and the way for the fruit is to compost box only.
bjorn erikBut - in the shops, I see, cucumber salad, imported from Poland. And from Turkey. Is it that they have cucumbers better? No, I need something else that we went into the composting process and stored in the banks. In the freezer it would be more expensive, but can also be.
In general, all will be very good. And I'm glad that you got to know and learned so much about life in Sweden. Not by a tourist guide, and to the touch.

And I now have a friend who I can call and say - hello, Bear!

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