Car for migrants

Car for migrants

I decided to buy a car. Here, especially, it is difficult without it in Sweden, and Gotland. It's not that way at all, but it's hard.

Imagine - a bus to your desired location runs every two hours. Travel is not expensive, 15 - 25 kroner. But - to coordinate your schedule with such a rare hard to transport. In addition, they are not work at holyday. And it is problem.
There is a way - a bicycle. They are many and they are very popular. Island without any differences in height, smooth, scram wheare you want. But if it is not far away. The island itself is not great, in length of about 150 km and 35-40 km across. Three hours on the bike can be. Is it possible? In the city, for example in the same Visby, lots of bicycle paths. But they do not exist in the another side of island. The road is narrow, two-lane, as it is not very safe.
And on the bike, yet we lived near Visby Gustavsvik had the opportunity to evaluate it precisely as a means of transport. On a sunny and windless day very well, no one do not interfere, ride wherever you want. And under the rain? And do not go can not, people have to wait you. And in the wind? When the relief you have to roll like a roller coaster, but you simply blows away back?
And one thing when you decide to himself, whot you are doing. And when your wife to spend on training in the rain, and you have nowhere to go today. And she wiped the seat dry, so as not frozen and not dried under the rain and waiting for her, waiting for ... it's hard.
That's looking for some inexpensive and a good car.
There is! On have an announcement, the price is right and the quality is exactly what you want. A Mercedes 170 diesel trucks (how it did?) And 9000 crowns.



DSC 0331 2

There are some problems that are typical for this model, they can be seen in the photo, but it is solvable.

DSC 0336 2

DSC 0337 2

I called the owner speaks English, is good already half the battle. But there are a number of outstanding issues for the Swedish compulsory, tax inspection, without which it will go, but it is quite separate the payments.
And besides, how to get real? I am undocumented?
And it starts "a novel in letters" I was lucky, the seller is very honest man, and I painted in detail all the pitfalls of the process. So detailed that in fact for the sake of all the information that he gave me, and I start to write this article.

Hello, Jonas.
That is, as I understand it, I will need to immediately pay the additional insurance and tax? And tax 2300 SEK A further 600 insurance?
Or I hear you badly?
Important for me to understand how much money do I need to collect. Now I have exactly 9,000 Swedish kronor. I need to pay the amount of these additional payments directly to them, or can not be in a hurry?
And you have to understand how much I need you on the road and how to get back on Gotland by car?
It is difficult but it is necessary to prepare all.


The insurance is most often paid by invoice to your chosen insurance company(Prices may vary by a substantial amount, so be sure to look around. They also have different rates depending on what you want to include, with the minimum required is trafikförsäkring(Road insurance translated)) this is about 197 kr every month for me being male with a apartment in a rather low crime area.

This is a must have and if you do not register with an insurance company when you buy a car(any car) you will be billed from the day you legally own the car by the tff at the rather steep rate of 130kr/day. ( )
The tax is payed once a year, every November (Because the last number is a 6 in SUN726, more here
I have paid this last November and it is good for another 7 months, you do not have to pay anything before then. If you would want to make an off road notification (you cannot legally drive the car then but it is exempt from road tax and insurance you would actually get about 1600:- back on the tax (This also applies if you export the vehicle I think)
The cost of getting there. I can only estimate the shortest route with Link to road descriptions Aprox 450km to Nynäshamn excluding the ferry this you should without any problems make on half a tank of diesel (54litre tank) the tank is filled if/when you buy the car. Ferry prices were in the total price region of 608:- with 1 adult + Light goods vehicle under 6m (This is how it currently is registered) you can search prices and departures here ( What you are looking for is Nynäshamn -> Visby. Prices are Time and date dependant.
I have no problem with letting the car go for 8000 so you have enough to get home and eat on the way. Summer tires will be mounted on the car and the studded winter tires will be in the back. There is a spare engine for parts to, but it will be VERY hard to fit it all in there with the extra seats and 4 wheels.
If you do not have a Swedish personal identity number then you need to read When the buyer is a person without a Swedish personal identity (ID) number on this site (near the bottom)
Best regards Jonas Hjörleifsson.

Hello Jonas!
Thank you very much for the detailed explanation!
Today I study links, and my wife is counting time by the lunar calendar, so the acquisition was successful.
Tomorrow morning I go to find out about the tickets for the ferry.
As I explained one of my friends who live here a long time, my documents, not including the LMA card to buy enough.
I will put them in a letter to you looked at them.
With respect to you

In the morning is fine.
You can arrive when you want, ill receive you and we can do business.

However I think there might be a problem with changing the ownership of the car.

This might be some complicated English but lets try.

You have a receipt of a request for asylum. This means you haven't got a Swedish identification number yet, this is in itself not a problem because when we change the ownership of the car we can send in a request for a temporary number called samordningsnumer.
Now here is the problem, to get that temporary number we need to send in a good copy of valid identification papers with the change of ownership.
The second document in the pdf is a receipt of the decision of the migration office to keep your passport, so that means that if you do not have something else to identify yourself with that you cannot get that substitute number.
And so we cannot change the ownership of the car if you do not have a valid (Legally valid since its bureaucracy that issues the numbers) way of identifying yourself like a drivers license or passport.
The LMA card is explicitly stated that its not a valid identification on this page
(The section with the headline When the buyer is a person without a Swedish personal identity (ID) number)
Do you have some way of identification so that we can request a substitute number for the change of ownership like a drivers license or a passport?

Best regards Jonas Hjörleifsson

Hello Jonas, I am afraid that you were right, and buy a car is not as easy as I thought. I was really surprised by how then foreigners buyed theys cars? I have at home, in Ukraine, too, were dealers, car fetches from Sweden. It can not by any one of these personal numbers! But Ukraine is a country with a terrible corruption, and for the money there maybe anything. Surely in Sweden now need to look for someone to bribe? Then it is not my way, I will not ... I apologize for the trouble.
With respect to you


The way foreigners buy cars is a little different, since they wont be driving the car on Swedish roads. There is a checkbox on the registration form where it says something like "for export" or something like that. When the change in ownership is sent in to the traffic agency the car gets de-registered from road use in Sweden.
but then you cannot use the car here and need to register that in another country. And the police will stop you if you try to use a de-registered car here very quickly.
In Sweden you are "probably" not able to bribe anyone (very very strict anti corruption laws with punishment for both the party that takes the bribe and the one offering, so strict in fact that people with lots money go to jail for it to. ) to own a car or do anything else regarding state business (and probably no other business either since it is highly illegal here).

I am sad that i cannot sell you the car, not because the money because there is always other buyers, but because you seem like a man of good morals and character and I am unable to help in any way possible other than voting in a more humane government that cares.
I wish you and your wife the best, and I hope that even tough the bureaucracy might be slow it will come to the right decision and approve your request for asylum. We need more people like you in this country.

I will keep answering questions you might have if you need me to.
Best regards Jonas Hjörleifsson

My far friend, Jonas, your words would be yes to the migration service in the ears!…

But thank you for your kind words.
So, here are the main conclusions and references:

Being a migrant can buy a car in Sweden. To register, you must have proof of identity and specify the address to which you can send documents. Your address of registration. As a document confirming the identity of suitable passport and driver's license. All!

And some more foto

IMG 0868

IMG 0870

IMG 0881

IMG 1009
Now reference sources:

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