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That's how it is not as did we, is not? Rather than lock migrants in three fence, they arrange guided tours. The Museum of Modern Art. One floor of the island in the rocks and two underneath the ground. Strange is not it? And the architecture opposite.

Arrange Cup. (Football fields here exactly the way more than in Kiev beer)
Invited to play tennis !!! No, well, imagine where I and my IGIL-s boys, and where the tennis?
I organizatorshu is not the first time realized what she wants, she showed her hands, sho, I thought, let's go play hockey)))
But the museum itself ... 40% of what I saw did not mention in polite company, and the rest - the same as we, contemporary art circles for the understanding of the elect, and I hope that by this I do not even really drunk dokachus.

IMG 0221

IMG 0223
But - a shovel worthy of history, a lot of it heaped up. Perpetuating creation tool - it makes sense)))

IMG 0222
And Soviet poster room is.

IMG 0224

It is possible to assume that there are depicted precisely the true mushrooms. From that kreatiff to diarrhea.

IMG 0256
And so - we ran to the shore, there just has something to photograph

IMG 0227

IMG 0228

IMG 0229

IMG 0231

IMG 0234

IMG 0241

IMG 0242

IMG 0244

IMG 0247

IMG 0249

And again the question of the castles - this is another interesting design

IMG 0250 IMG 0251

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