Medieval week

Medieval week

What to say? I was waiting for this event, it is expected. How many masters, spoke as blacksmiths, potters and others, all, all go to Gotland.

And now the time has come. The city has become the scene of Robin Hood and Ivengo movies.

Bright? So everyone says that vividly and memorably.

Impressed? So yes!

Here knights, they are always preparing to fight, it is understandable. The work they have such.

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This grand exit. Preparing for Battle.

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And these are my Arab brothers))) Ali Ahmed, Muhammad, Haidar, that's it. They would be good as Saracens. But they are not know about this.

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And of course with them Annette, our tireless friend

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Here are some of the soldiers who walked in to pee

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And you're done. To battle!

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Well, there is a serious man trying to find out who is steeper, let's go through the fair. Tents - a lot of.
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Then the fighter can dress from head to toe. And arm. Prices? As for the Swedish standards, reasonable. Helmet for example, from 600 to 1200 crowns. Swords from 700 to 1500. The choice is wide. And metal - not tin or aluminum. In steel armor, swords, too, their good honest iron. Not all of course, forged, traces grinders are visible, but there is, there is a beautiful work.

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As you can see, there is everything. All attributes of the time you can buy and wear. I like raincoat looked after myself. They are here at all. look at the photo. Good cloth, practical and warm, for 800 crowns than not clothes for the road? But do not buy just because the holiday only a week. and then I would look somewhat weird at this cloak.

I bought a decoration for Abina, but is sacred, it is necessary for girls.

And here's a chair for example. As how it constructive for you opinion?

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But my mother with a stroller. And mom and stroller is quite in the style of )))

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But archery master cases, to cause serious approach, not bow prop.

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Arrows to choose from. Good! And honestly forged tips

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And the ranks again and benches gunsmiths

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And then a lady tries to purchase. Out there under the awning apple there and Celite. But I hit, but one arrow in the column

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We found and ballista, and a shield for throwing ax. Shoot? That please, for a couple of crowns. Vaughn those armor - a target forward!

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Again stroller. Well done

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And, all very preconditioned. In a whirlwind of celebration the whole city. It seems to me that not only suits the tourists. And it is only in a couple of hours peryh.

Everywhere the smell of roasted meat and sweets. Preparing right there on braziers.
What else? Well medieval monks on bicycles. Cool looking, but did not withdraw. Some surprising characters. For example a young man dressed in a monk sitting in the street and praying hard. What about him? He went into the role? Or else what? But he walked cautiously

But on this photo wall of the old church. Think, too, people are impressed, the monks sit on the porch?

No! Provsto there is free wi-fi!

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Well, sort of all I look, get back to the center

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And artists here. As without them

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And now a little music.


Mere found - blacksmiths and other craftsmen. Maybe it was somewhere - not found. Especially questioned selling - it is your job? Who is the master? Crumpled, not mine, they say. But it is in vain!
We need to make it! Master class on the street with a portable mountain.
The attraction is not for real men?

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