Melody in the fog

Melody in the fog

The story is short, but left a vivid impression. I remember.

It was... it was a long time ago, many years ago. Ukraine was also, so to speak, was Ukraine. country, not territory.
We just met my wife, lived in Vyshgorod. Did you live brightly? For everyone. Well, we had nothing but ourselves, a dog and a moped.
And on that moped we drived wherever it came to mind. Far and near, around and far away - everytime we rushing around the toun.
Each of these trips was an adventure in itself, but I wanted to talk about one in particular.
We went to the mouth of the Desna.
Moved across the dam of the Kyiv hydroelectric power station, found a place where to put up a tent.
What is needed for happiness? Evening, fire, sandy beach. Starry summer night and that's it - happiness is here!
And in the morning, fog rises from the water. I go to the water, the water is like a mirror. No waves, no wind. Silence.
But suddenly, 20 meters to the left, I hear the sounds of a violin.
... white acacia leaves are fragrant ... the melody is familiar, but here, above the water, in the fog? Who is it?
Turns out there were tents. And the guy took the violin with him. A violin for spending the night in nature? To play in the morning by the water? I am impressed.
That's how I remember it - violin, spring, river, fog.

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