Where to download the old browser

Why? So it is necessary

For testers, see how a site or web application works in an outdated but still popular browser. Programmers who were bombarded with errors due to an unsupported method. And you, since you are reading, it means it is relevant.

Where to get old Opera

You can download from official repository for desktop or android.

Where to get old Firefox

Mozilla also has a repository where you can download all versions of Firefox for desktop and android (Mirrors desktop and android).

The Russian Mozilla Team maintains release archive on its website.

For more information about older versions of Firefox, visit official website.

Where to get old Google Chrome

Officially, nowhere. Google does not support older versions of the browser. Unofficially (at your own risk) - on the Internet on sites with archived versions, for example here or here.

But you can find the required browser version Chromium on which Google Chrome is based, but do this is not a trivial task.

First, in the list of releases, find the release you are interested in stable version.

Then go to the site omahaproxy.appspot.com and in the Tools block specify the number previously found version. Copy the Branch Base Position value. For example, for version 79.0.3945.116, this value would be 706915.

omahaproxyIn the archive chromium, navigate to your platform directory (mobile versions are also available). Enter the Branch Base Position value in the filter. You may have to remove the last number and find a similar value. The numbers sometimes do not match. The search may take some time.


chromiumThen download the browser version you are looking for .< /p>

Where to get old Internet Explorer

As with Google Chrome, there is no official Microsoft repository for older versions of Internet Explorer. Unofficially, you can download here. However, it is unlikely that the old browser will be installed on the new operating system.

The correct (legal and free) way to use Internet Explorer and Edge browsers for development, testing or other purposes is to use Windows Virtual Machines from Microsoft itself, pre-installed with the correct version of the browser.

As downgrade Internet Explorer 10 to Internet Explorer 9 on Windows 7.

Download Internet Explorer 8 for Windows XP.

Download Internet Explorer 11:

Where to get the old Yandex browser

Unfortunately, only unofficial archives: here for desktop and here or here for Android.

Cloud services for browser testing

If there are difficulties in finding and installing an old version of the browser, cloud services will test over several browsers with a rich set of operating systems and browsers for them, including mobile ones, will come to the rescue.

omahaproxyBelow are examples of some of these services.

That was all.

Found here< /a>

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