Remote access in Mac OS

Remote access in Mac OS

How to remotely connect to another computer in macOS. TeamViewer not needed

Recently, many users have encountered problems when trying to connect remotely to another computer. Some specialized utilities are not free available for all users, or the servers block the establishment of a connection without using a VPN.
Not everyone knows that macOS has a set of built-in tools for establishing communication with other computers. Just a couple of necessary settings are required to establish a fast and stable connection.

1. Connecting via Shared Screen

The easiest way to connect to another Mac is with the built-in macOS Screen Sharing app. The utility has been included in the standard macOS distribution set for a very long time, but is hidden in the folder hierarchy. Not all users of Apple computers know about it.

  •  Run Screen Sharing. It can be found through Spotlight search, in Launchpad, or in the Applications folder.
  •  Enter the Apple ID of the user you want to connect to.
  •  After the user confirms the connection, you can see the screen of his Mac.

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Depending on the permissions given, you will be able to fully control another computer remotely or simply watch the screen demonstration.
The Shared Screen application has a minimum of parameters, in the settings you can set the options for scaling, screen scrolling and the quality of the transmitted picture. If there are large delays during the connection, it is recommended to lower the last parameter.

2. Connecting with iMessage

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A similar connection can be established through the standard messenger of the Apple ecosystem. Of course, to do this, you must add the user to the contacts and specify his Apple ID.

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  •  Open a chat in iMessage with the desired user.
  •  In the upper right corner, press the "i" button and select Share. In older versions of macOS, the item is hidden in the More Info menu.
  •  Wait for confirmation from the other user and you can control their computer or watch the screen share (depending on the permission given).

Communication takes place over the same protocol as in the previous case. Only here you can quickly find the right user and initiate a connection.

3. VNC control

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S mac6

This communication method is useful if you want to control your Mac using a smartphone or computer with a different operating system. The method is suitable if the gadgets are within the same local network.
On the Mac, which will be connected, you should make the following settings:

  • Go to System Preferences - Sharing and select Remote Control from the side menu.
  • Activate the option and issue the necessary permissions for the work of some fish.
  • In the Computer Settings section, you can set a password for connecting.

You can use the IP address specified in the settings to connect to this Mac from another computer or smartphone. This requires VNC Viewer for iPhone, VNC Viewer for Android or Viewer for Google Chrome for the browser of the same name.
Just enter the already known IP address and password, if one was set in the connection settings.
Here you can connect to help with the computer of friends, watch a screen demonstration of colleagues at work, or administer Apple family computers.

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