We are tired of the hate around.
The world is tired of hatred around.
The bird burns in an explosion of fire
Look around, look! You killed my!

Blue-white-red, and blue-gold
all colors mix in gray his told
my knife will rust black water from
yet he will have time to take you with own

Behind your back the prince of darkness stay
but you laugh too early, I knife your name
reach to the throat, ringing with my veins
and I will rise in the flame of kind and sense

Flowers grow again in the forest clearing
I see them again and you listen its ring
will sprout through the ribs tickling me
it is good for them to grow on the traces of flee

You will have time to know, my enemy and brother
that the grass through the skull will sprout again
but there will be no victories for you or for me
only the enemy, having played us, rides a horse again

he laughs out loud amused relish
he is legally entitled because he is the prince of darkness
And pitting us with you, he wins
this marathon has no end my friends...

Yari Strom 2022-06

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